First Tuesday of every month
Northwest Healing Studio (Fremont)

This class will be a time of exploration and play. We will attend to different parts of our body each month, enlivening them with self-touch and sound. We will attune to the natural world around us, invoking the elements, plants, and animals as our guides in organic movement and fluid expression. We will explore our orientation in gravity and cultivate more perceptive awareness in order to more deeply connect with the world around us. We will explore this magnificent, unfolding process that is our body and endeavor to inhabit it more fully and with more love.
This class is inspired by my studies in Continuum Montage with Susan Harper and Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen.
This class is appropriate for all abilities and body types.
Pre-registration required as class size is limited to 9.
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Jun 25, Jul 23, Aug 27, Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 12, Dec 17
Two Dog Yoga Studio
$17 drop-in or use your class card

The practice of Yoga Nidra is an ancient and sacred way of cultivating deep relaxation and healing for our nervous system. It is designed to melt tension on all levels and help us access our most creative and authentic self by removing our habitual stress patterns. Regular sleep doesn’t resolve all our tension but by actively participating in the process of Yoga Nidra relaxation can settle into all layers of your being. The Process is simple…you lie down for 20-30 minutes and allow yourself to be guided through a systematic relaxation process. Yoga Nidra has been used to manage stress, insomnia, anxiety and many other issues.
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Seattle Yoga Arts

March 12,
Sunday: The Sap Moon
April 11, Tuesday: The Pink Moon
May 11, Thursday: The Flower Moon
June 8, Thursday: The Strawberry Moon
July 6, Thursday: The Thunder Moon
August 8, Tuesday: When All Things Ripen Moon
September 7, Thursday: Harvest Moon
October 5, Thursday: The Travel Moon
November 2, Thursday: The Beaver Moon

$30 per session

In the Tantric tradition, the full moon represents the fullness and glowing radiance of our consciousness. When the moon is full, it is said that it drips nectar down into us and reminds us of our inherent light and fullness. Gazing, chanting, and basking in the moon at this time can bring forth deep healing and profound stillness of being. As we practice the full mandala of yogic arts (movement, chanting, pranayama, meditation and rest), we dance and honor the fullness of our embodiment; body, breath, mind, heart. This practice is a place to release the accumulated stress of the past month and prepare for the month to come. All are welcome to this circle.

Our Practice:

• Welcome & Intention Setting: 10 minutes
• Gentle Asana: 30 minutes
• Mantra: 10 minutes
• Pranayama: 10 minutes
• Meditation: 20 minutes
• Savasana: 10 minutes

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Sundays, 1-4pm
Namaste Yoga Studio
Exploring the Bhagavad Gita
Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 5
$250 for 3 month session

Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for practice; the practice of yoga that ultimately becomes our practice of a conscious life.  This monthly gathering is an opportunity to explore and deepen our yoga practice beyond the typical asana and meditation class. Each month you will receive reading and journaling assignments to prepare for our time together. Every session will begin with a yoga practice followed by a group discussion on that month’s topic. You do not need to attend every session but you will need to pre-register in order to receive the preparatory assignments.

What will we do?

~ Enjoy the company of other curious and dedicated yogis.
~ Practice the full mandala of yoga arts… asana (movement), japa (chanting), pranayama (breathing) , and meditation.
~ Engage in a lively dialogue about the ideas and philosophy of practice offered in this ancient text of yoga, The Bhagavad Gita.
~ Read, journal, contemplate and practice bringing these concepts deep into the living fabric of our bodies and lives.

Who is this program for?

~ Anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of yoga philosophy and dialoguing with others about how it applies to our current day life. Yoga teachers and students are all welcome.

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Harvesting the Heart:
Living Presence Yoga & Somatic Awareness Retreat
Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR
November 17 – 19
$195 plus lodging
$175 plus lodging before 10/15

This retreat is an invitation to come home to yourself and to reconnect to the wisdom and beauty of your own embodiment. Through the practices of somatic movement and deep perceiving as well as yoga asana, pranayama and meditation we will re-enliven our deep and abiding presence of being. We will slow down to allow ourselves to reclaim the innate rhythm of our body and revel in the nourishment of this sacred land and enriching waters. You are invited to join this circle of renewal and rediscover your own wild and deep Living Presence.

Breitenbush is a remote forest retreat of timeless natural beauty, blessed with abundant hot springs, a glacier-fed river and surrounding mountains. Soak in The Meadow Pools lined in smooth river rocks or the four Spiral Hot Tubs of varying temperature. Enjoy the Steam Sauna, a cedar cabin perched above steaming waters. A spirit of respect and sanctuary pervades the clothing-optional soaking pools. Cozy, rustic, year-round cabins (some with bathrooms) give many options for your stay. Men’s and women’s bathhouses serve the needs of those in cabins without bathrooms. Bountiful organic vegetarian meals are served buffet style three times daily. They honor requests for egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free meals.  For more details visit breitenbush.com

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