I believe that our body is a mysterious and wonderful event that is continuously unfolding. It is the means through which we experience this life and isn’t separate from our consciousness. In fact, it is consciousness embodied. If we attune to it and truly show up for all the sensations of our aliveness we can inhabit our unique place in time and space fully, bringing our perspective and awareness to shine brightly. Being fully present to and with each moment as it unfolds is the invitation of life itself. The practice of somatic enlivening and movement is the process of reclaiming and remembering the awareness that is already singing in our cells and then living that truth.

By slowing down and turning inwards, by attending to the subtle and the small movements of our body we can begin to reclaim the intelligence of our body and the deep nourishment and wisdom of our senses. Our senses are an incredible highway of information telling us where we are and how we might get where we want to go. Our experience of life is a bodily experience so why not truly listen and show up for it.

Our culture elevates the intelligence of the brain and treats our body as an object to be disdained, changed, adorned but not truly inhabited let alone listened to as wise. The practices I engage in and teach are about a deep listening to the wisdom of our body that can lead us to a more fulfilling embodiment experience with ourselves and with others.

In the tantric yoga tradition as well as other ancient sacred traditions sound and vibration are at the root of all life. Our breath, the cycles of the seasons and our life itself are all pulses of aliveness. Our modern day science also posits this. So listening for and creating deep resonance is a life enhancing practice. From chanting simple sounds and mantras to meditating on the subtle of sound of our breath or mantra to singing to our bones and ancestors we can elicit a potent awareness of our very being. This is part of the practice of enlivening.

Some of the foundational ideas for this work are:
• Cultivating our senses as portals of awareness for the unfolding of each unique moment, in our body and around us

• Attuning to the experience of gravity and light as anchors and guides for our body wisdom and truly being in the present moment

• Developing our fluid body, shared with other organisms and our watery home, planet Earth

• Refining our ability to move slowly and subtly with interest and attention to the experience rather than the product

• Allowing ourselves the time and space to feel deeply what it means to have a body that moves, senses, breathes and loves

• Learning to articulate our experience in order to claim it and invite others to do the same

• Exploring how different breath and sounds can help disrupt habitual patterns in the body and creates new sensations and possibilities of movement

• Exploring micro-movements that stimulate the tissue of our body to discover new pathways and receive deep and powerful stimulation

• Allowing for the wildness of our own interior spaces and listening to their wisdom and connection to the natural world around us

• Reclaiming more movement potential by imitating and moving like some of our sister and brother organisms.


2ND MONDAY of every month
InsideOut Yoga Studio
(University District)

(Class size limited)