Photos: Emma High


Private sessions with me are a creative, joint endeavor. Together we dive into the somatic experience of being alive bringing awareness to that which has been forgotten, injured or denied and bringing more life to that which is already singing with presence. I offer a dedicated safe space for you to truly reclaim your full presence in your body.

People come to me with many different needs… to address a current or past injury, to refine and deepen their understanding of a particular yoga asana, to learn meditation, to have a witness and support in showing up in their sensory aliveness, to learn how to slow down and move with awareness and presence and more.

I combine numerous modalities to create a unique and personalized session. They include somatic tracking, body mapping, enlivening the body tissue with touch and sound, organic movement, gravitational orientation, bio-mechanical alignment principles, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and energy medicine.

No two sessions are ever the same.

I have office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Northwest Healing Studio in Fremont and also see people at Seattle Yoga Arts in Capitol Hill on Wednesday afternoons. I am also available via Skype from anywhere in the world.

One hour session $120
One and a half hour session $180
Semi-private sessions available. Fee available on request.