Living Presence Yoga

Yoga is the ancient science of self-knowledge and understanding. It is also the art of connecting this inner awareness to an awareness of those around us and the world at large. The Tantric philosophy that so deeply influences my teaching posits that we share one common consciousness and that this ground of being is at essence radiant, positive and generous. It is the aliveness at the center of all life and every cell. The practices of yoga invite us to experience this essence inside our body, mind and heart as well as alive and active in the world around us. We are encouraged to hone our senses and cultivate our awareness to more clearly perceive and be present with the amazing tragic beauty that is life.

The key components of Living Presence come together to integrate body, mind and heart into an alive and present awareness:
•We acknowledge that we come to our mat with a common human desire; to have less suffering and more happiness in our lives. Whether this is in the form of physical ease, mental clarity or peace of heart we are endeavoring to cultivate a steady and sweet place in which to dwell.
•Our body is not a hinderance to our goal of ‘sukha’, ease, but a vessel and opportunity for us to literally and figuratively embrace the full spectrum of our aliveness from pain to joy with full consciousness.
•We endeavor to align our bodies with simple and organic alignment principles in order to create strength, flexibility and grace in our daily movements. And we seek to entrain our daily movements with the deeper pulse and aspirations of our heart.
•The practices we engage in on the asana mat and meditation cushion are training grounds for the practice of moment to moment living and ultimately they are not so different or differentiated.