Living Presence Meditation

Meditation is considered the crown jewel of yoga. It is the practice of allowing our consciousness to rest into itself and discover it’s own calm yet brilliant luminosity. It can give us a deep resource of quiet steadiness from which we can meet the tempestuousness of life. By the continual practice of meditation we cultivate a deep trust in our own presence and access a limitless well of creativity and nourishment.

My meditation journey began in high school with my first yoga class. It intrigued me and I was mesmerized by how good and calm I felt after class. It was a number of years later that I picked the practice up again in the Buddhist Vipassana tradition. I spent several years doing annual retreats with Phillip Moffitt and cultivating an inconsistent daily practice. In 2008 I met Paul Muller-Ortega and my practice was transformed and deepened. Under Paul’s guidance I learned Neelakantha Meditation, a form of tantric mantra meditation. I spent the next five years delving deeply into the nuances of the practice and the theory of the practice. I remain Paul’s devoted student and it is my work with him that is at the source of my meditation offerings. You can learn more about this practice at Blue Throat Yoga. 

Mantra meditation is the powerful practice of using an inner vibratory sound as a guide and link to our inner space of awareness. Since this sound doesn’t have a surface meaning it allows us to sink underneath the waves of thought and sensation and settle into the vastness of our being. It is a profound practice of acceptance and presence. I relish sharing this practice others and sharing its transformative potency.

I offer meditation as part of every yoga class, workshop and retreat I give. It is part of a beautiful mandala of yoga practices that are designed to go together…asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation…a beautiful flower.