Sundays, 1-4pm
Namaste Yoga Studio
Mar 12, Apr 16, May 14, Jun 11, Jul 16, Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 10
$80 per session 

Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for practice; the practice of yoga that ultimately becomes our practice of a conscious life.  This monthly gathering is an opportunity to explore and deepen our yoga practice beyond the typical asana and meditation class. Each month you will receive reading and journaling assignments to prepare for our time together. Every session will begin with a yoga practice followed by a group discussion on that month’s topic. You do not need to attend every session but you will need to pre-register in order to receive the preparatory assignments.

What will we do?

~ Enjoy the company of other curious and dedicated yogis.
~ Practice the full mandala of yoga arts… asana (movement), japa (chanting), pranayama (breathing) , and meditation.
~ Engage in a lively dialogue about different concepts and ideas rooted in yoga philosophy.
~ Read, journal, contemplate and practice bringing these concepts deep into the living fabric of our bodies and lives.
~ You don’t have to commit to all the dates but I do ask that you let me know in advance which dates you plan to attend.

Who is this program for?

~ Anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of yoga philosophy and dialoguing with others about how it applies to our current day life. Yoga teachers and students are all welcome.

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The art and philosophy of deep rest

May 6, 10am – 5pm

Namaste Yoga Studio
18021 15th Ave NE

Refunds for cancellations will be offered until April 15 minus $25. There will be no refunds thereafter.

Yoga Nidra is the ancient practice of deep conscious rest; using our consciousness to interact with our body, mind, and emotions with gentle presence the invites release and relaxation. This practice can be of great benefit in our wild and hectic world. Understanding the philosophy behind it and it’s components can deepen your appreciation for the practice and your ability to guide yourself and others through it. This day long training is an opportunity to learn more about this beautiful practice. Class size limited to 12.

What will we do?

~ Explore the Koshas (our layers of being)
~ Examine the different components of Yoga Nidra
~ How to compose a Yoga Nidra practice
~ How to be trauma sensitive in your approach
~ How the practice of asana can support Yoga Nidra
~ Guided Yoga Nidra Practice with follow-up discussion

Who is this program for?

~ Yoga teachers who would like to deepen their understanding of the practice of Yoga Nidra and offer this practice to their students with more skill.
~ Yoga students who would appreciate learning more about the practice of Yoga Nidra and how it works.

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